Feel Good Week Online Retreat

Next session starts Sunday 16th of May

As in most of the places the lockdown and travel restrictions are still on-going I felt that people are getting frustrated and sad.

I thought of possibilities to bring some love and light and positive perspective into daily life and created an online retreat for you to do at home.

It won´t be a full time retreat so you can go on with your daily life but bring some yoga practice, meditation and reflection work into your daily routine.

I truly hope that it will inspire you to continue your practice and journey and feel a bit more balanced afterwards. 

The whole program is designed to fit into the struggles of daily life, having kids, doing home office, etc.

It will be a mix between recorded yoga sessions and meditations taking less than an hour every day.

Knowing that even though everyone is practicing at home, we are still a sangha, a community. Supporting each other!

The whole week will be held in English, its my first time teaching in English but to connect with people around the globe, I felt it more including.



Yin Yoga session (60 minutes)

Monday to Friday

Every morning you get an email with the link to your daily 30 minutes yoga flow with a different emphasis each day and a recording of a short 10-15 minutes meditation as well as a short reflection exercise.

I recommend doing the yoga practice in the morning and the meditation in the evening, maybe even before going to bed. Use the short reflection exercise to bring mindfulness and awareness back to yourself during the day.



Yin Yoga session (60 minutes)


To round everything up, I will send out an handout with some general nutrition advises.

Feel free to try new things out, maybe some intermittent fasting or just letting go of one thing like coffee, sugar or bread for those seven days and see how it feels like.

In the end it is all about settling down, reconnect with yourself and just feel good! 

All videos recordings will stay online for 7 days after release - so feel free to do them all again by yourself the following week or don´t feel rushed in case you cannot make it one day. Be gentle to yourself and just do them the day after and enjoy each day!


Price and registration

The price for the whole self-care programme is 69,00€.

 To register, kindly send me an e-mail to info@oneworldyoga.de with your first and last name, your e-mail adress and your direction. I will then send you the bank account details, once paid, you will automatically receive the e-mails with all links starting on Sunday morning. Please make sure you are also registered to my newsletter. As I work with MailChimp sequments, we faced some troubles if participants weren´t registred so please make sure you sign up (if you don´t want to receive any future mails, it is just a click to unsubscribe afterwards;)

 Any doubts, kindly let me know. 


The next retreat starts Sunday, 16th of May. Registration is open till Friday 2 p.m. See you soon!

The one after will be held starting Sunday 27th of June.